The Steering Group

The Steering Group

The Steering Group meets quarterly to ensure that there is a good overview of what is happening in the borough, that the project is responding to emerging needs, and that policy issues are identified and developed. In addition to Islington Law Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau and Islington People’s Rights the following organisations are members of the AIT Steering Group:

  • Disability Action in Islington
  • Octopus – the community hubs’ network
  • Help on Your Doorstep
  • Renaisi
  • Voluntary Action Islington
  • Latin American Women’s Rights Service
  • Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation
  • IMECE Women’s Centre

The Steering Group has helped to develop the workplan for the project and is playing an active role in the delivery of the activities. As well as these organisations the project will be involving a wide range of agencies and volunteers at all stages.